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President Desk

I am sincerely thankful to all the past presidents, senior members, election officer and EC members for trusting me to lead the association as President for the year 2020-21. I am aware I am chosen to lead TO SERVE Our members.

This financial year 20-21 will be very challanging for all of us in Industry .COVID-19 has posed many challenges in front of us all and for MASSIA as well. Massia planned to hand over the charge in April’20, however lock down and subsequent challenges , this year’s body could take charge on June10th. This was also possible with the help of TECHNOLOGY as members could join the AGM online.

From March 22nd we all are facing lock down challenges, at the same time TECHNOLOGY has made us stay in touch with our near & dear ones , our team , our friends. So now onwards we all need to take more benefit by adoption to TECHNOLOGY wherever possible at our wok place. Think through & start investing in TECHNOLOGY

MASSIA has a rich history spread over 40+ years. I believe Massia stayed relevent to the changing needs of our members and that has helped it sustain over 4 decades.

This year will be rarest of rare year and very challanging in our history. Industries/ Massia Members need to see through this period , stay alive , stay strong so when the market improves or starts improving we all are still active & have a team to serve our customers.

As discussed on day of AGM ,members of MASSIA face many challenges in following 5M s.

  • Money (cash flow challenges).
  • Market (customers)
  • Methods & Management ( Systems,processes, benchmarking etc.)
  • Manpower (Human resources)
  • Machines & Materials.

MASSIA will make efforts to assist our members in above areas.

  • We have lined up various activities like taking all schemes , new covid benefits to our members woorking with other stake holders .
  • Massia has been working with GIZ , as TPA & our Skill devp. Center will be playing important role in time to come to meet our human resources requirements to some extent and over the period of few years fulfill all our needs & give opportunity to youngsters to get in to indsutry.
  • We are working to start the new activity by forming a team which will work on identifying business devp. /growth opportunities for members collectively . We need to begin this year and sure if worked properly this can help us explore new opportunities.
  • MASSIA this year will be more looking inwards and see how we can have better internal systems , how we can serve our members better.

At the same time we are also aware we still continue to face basic challanges like Power issues, Road infra . etc. It is also sad to note some authorities introduce new Local taxes , cess etc. time to time. We at MASSIA understand member’s pains in these area and assure you all we will keep these issues alive & find ways to overcome it. Particular old issues like chik. Road infra. , tennant entrepreneurs issues , electrical infra. Issues of few feeders will be followed up rigorously to show some positive results.

This year will be obviously more challanging , different , un predictable and will have lots of restriction on movement. We only hope & pray that situation improves soon. Good rains till now & pent-up demand will definitely improve the situation in due course of time. So lets wait till that happens , stay strong & survive this phase. Best wishes to all.

We must believe in …….,This too shall pass.

Please be assured of Team Massia 20-21 commitment to improving services of massia.

Thanks & Best Regards